Automatic capacitor units of reactive power compensation with voltage of 0.4 kV of RPCU type are produced with power from 5 to 1200 kVAr and above, with a maximum number of control stages up to 14 and a control step from 2.5 to 300 kVAr.

Automatic capacitor units RPCU equipped with environmentally friendly capacitors, manufacturing technology is MKP, of modern design. Dry capacitors are equipped with discharge resistors, safety-breaker, triggered at excessive pressure.

Climatic performance of regulated capacitor units: indoor, outdoor -at the request of the Customer.

The structure of the symbolic identification of the automatic adjustable capacitor unit

Example of marking:
AIRPC-0,4-400-50 (indoor)

Explanation of marking:

  • AIRPC - automatic installation of reactive power compensation;
  • 0,4 - rated voltage, kV;
  • 400 - rated power, kVar;
  • 50 - power control stage, kVAr;
  • indoor - version and placement category.

On a separate order, it is possible to manufacture adjustable condenser units for other power values, with other overall dimensions, the number of stages and with automatic cooling or heating of the installation.

Adjustable capacitor low voltage type AIRPC is a metal Cabinet floor or hinged design with air cooling. The Cabinet is painted with powder coating. The input of the power cable is provided from below, but on a specific order it is possible to enter from above

On the front side of the capacitor unit there is a special microprocessor-based reactive power controller.

The adjustable reactive power compensation unit ensures compliance with the required power factor with high accuracy and in a wide range of compensated power, as well as:

  • It automatically monitors the change in reactive power of the load in the compensated network and, in accordance with the set value of cos φ;
  • Generation of reactive power in the network is excluded;
  • The appearance of overvoltage in the network is excluded, since there is no overcompensation, possible with the use of unregulated capacitor installations;
  • All the main parameters of the compensated network are monitored visually;
  • The operation mode and operation of all elements of the capacitor installation are monitored, taking into account the operating time and the number of connections of each section, which allows to optimize the wear resistance of the contactors and load distribution in the network;
  • The emergency shutdown system for capacitor units and warning staff is provided;
  • It is possible to automatically connect the forced heating or ventilation of the capacitor installation.