Capacitor installations with thyristor contactors TCU provide rapid correction of the power factor for devices with a variable load and provide stabilization of the supply voltage. This kind of capacitor units is different from the usual adjustable settings that partition switching of capacitors is thyristor keys.

The use of thyristors instead of mechanical contactors allows for a higher switching speed and reduces the time and labor costs for maintenance and replacement of wear-prone contactors. The thyristor switches are not subject to mechanical wear and tear, noiseless and able to switch almost instantly.

Thyristor capacitor units for reactive power compensation with voltage of 0.4 kV TCU type are produced with power from 50 to 400 kV and above, with a maximum number of control stages up to 8.

Thyristor capacitor Bank is equipped with environmentally friendly capacitors, with manufacturing technology MKP, modern design. Dry capacitors are equipped with discharge resistors, safety-breaker, triggered at excessive pressure.

Climatic design of capacitor units: indoor, outdoor - at the request of the Customer.

The structure of the symbol of the thyristor capacitor unit

Example of marking:
TCU-0,4-400-50 (indoor)

Explanation of marking:

  • TCU - automatic reactive power compensation installation;
  • 0,4 - rated voltage, kV;
  • 400 - rated power, kVAr;
  • 50 - power control stage, kVAr;
  • indoor - climatic version and placement category.

On a specific order, it is possible to manufacture thyristor capacitor units for other power values, with other dimensions, number of stages and with automatic cooling or heating of the installation.

Thyristor capacitor low voltage installations of the RPCU type is a metal Cabinet of floor or hinged design with air cooling. The Cabinet is painted with powder coating. The input of the power cable is provided from below, on a separate order it is possible to enter from above.

On the front side of the capacitor Bank there is a special microprocessor-based reactive power controller.