The reactive power compensation unit (UCU) with a fixed power value improves cos φ, by enabling a constant capacitor power.

Capacitor units for reactive power compensation with voltage of 0.4 kV of UCU type are produced with power from 2.5 to 150 kVAr and above.

Capacitor units of UCU are equipped with environmentally friendly capacitors, the technology of production of MKP, a modern design. Dry capacitors are equipped with discharge resistors, safety-breaker, triggered at excessive pressure.

Climatic design of capacitor units: indoor, outdoor - at the request of the Customer.

The structure of the symbol of an unregulated capacitor Bank

Example of marking:
UKRM-0,4-400 (indoor)

Explanation of marking:

  • The criminal code - installation of reactive power compensation (non-regulated);
  • 0,4 - rated voltage, kV;
  • 400 - rated power, quart;
  • indoor - climatic version and placement category.

For a specific order, it is possible to manufacture non-regulated capacitor unit UCU for other power values, with other dimensions, number of stages and with automatic cooling or heating of the installation.

Non-regulated capacitor Bank low voltage type UCU is a metal Cabinet or floor-mounted version with air cooling. The Cabinet is painted with powder coating. The input of the power cable is provided from below, on a separate order it is possible to enter from above.

Scope of application of non-regulated installations UCU

Non-regulated capacitor units for reactive power compensation (more about regulated and non-regulated units here) allow for static load reactive power compensation:

  • to reduce the power consumption;
  • within the framework of the contract with the supplier on the volume of power consumption to introduce additional electricity consumers without reducing the network capacity and the quality of electricity consumed;
  • improve network reliability and reduce wear and tear of electrical equipment/communications by reducing the load of network elements/network section.

Unregulated capacitor reactive power compensation units provide an opportunity to" cut " a static part of the consumed reactive power at the enterprise, which will allow to purchase less powerful, and therefore less expensive adjustable reactive power compensation units.