The power capacitors presented in the catalogue are manufactured under unique technology of localized regulated self-healing.

To produce power capacitors, NUCON uses the best latest achievements and developments in capacitor industry. The alliance of achievements and proposed technology enable to attain high performance of volume power density, making these capacitors the best ones between compact capacitors on market segment. These capacitors are mostly used in power electronics as filters and dampers with operating voltage from 500 V till 10 kV. The capacitors produced under this technology can be also applied in other fields (disruptive capacitors and so on).

When the localized regulated self-healing technology is used, the capacitor consists of some tens of thousands elementary cells, each of which is protected with a special fuse. The application of this solution enables to disconnect any cell from the electric chain in order to prevent short circuit or electric breakdown, keeping a capacitor under work.

Although the usage of such technology decreases capacitor’s capacitance insignificantly, when the electric breakdown happens, the capacitor life increases and it compensates capacitor costs. And the capacitance decreases by 5 % max by the end of capacitor life.

The company “Nucon” uses a so called “dry” production technology for film capacitors with polypropylene dielectric. The main advantages of the dielectric are slight changes in capacity, depending on the temperature, as it is shown on the diagram (fig.1). More over polypropylene has permittivity of free space equal to εp = 2,2 and dielectric loss tg 2x10-4 at frequencies of up to 1 MHz.


Our capacitors meet the following standards:

IEC 61071:
Power electronic capacitors
IEC 60068-1:
Environmental Testing
IEC 60077:
Railway applications Electric equipment for rolling stock Part
UL 94:
Plastic flammability testing
IEC 61881:
Railway Applications - Rolling Stock Equipment - Capacitors for Power Electronics